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31 January, 23:22

Which two sentences uses the colon correctly?

A) Henry slept through his alarm so: he didn't make it to his first day of work, no matter how many times it went off.

B) Erica's morning routine consisted of waking up, brushing her teeth, meditating for ten minutes: eating breakfast, and finally bathing.

C) Jessica's supplies for the trip included these items: a hairbrush, moisturizer, a toothbrush, and four bottles of mineral water.

D) Annette left her hometown with just one goal in mind: to see the world and experience different cultures.

E) Joel was unable to attend the game because he had forgotten to complete his homework: he had wanted to attend the game with friends.

Answers (2)
  1. 31 January, 23:37
    The correct awnsers are b an c
  2. 31 January, 23:42
    C Is The Correct Answer. because It List Stuff After The Colon
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