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16 April, 14:22

Which sentence contains a plural verb?

a. Tommy the Clown, leader of the dancers, hopes the high-energy dance style will provide Los Angeles' South Central youth with a safe alternative to the dangerous gang lifestyle.

b. Krumpers from around the country travel to Los Angeles each year to display their talent and raise money for inner-city youth.

c. Lil' C or Miss Prissy, solid and recognized krumpers, provides youth with energetic and positive role models.

d. The crowd watches the intense dance battle.

Answers (1)
  1. 16 April, 15:12

    Krumpers - plural - > verb = travel, since it's referring to more than one of them performing that action.

    Won't be D because the noun 'crowd' is singular even though it refers to multiple persons.
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