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11 December, 00:05

Lob came to the pengelly family decisively

which of these excerpts best supports this statement?

At the same moment a large body struck her forcibly in the midriff and she was covered by flying sand its owner was a large and bouncy young alastian or german shepard

the pengelly children went home to scones with cornish cream and jam thinking they had seen the last of lob

he was a very tired dog he had walked all the way from liverpool to cornwall which is more than four hundred miles

you know aunt becky doesn't really like dogs oh very well mrs pengelly sighed i supossed she'll have to put up with him as well as you

Answers (1)
  1. 11 December, 01:27
    The correct option is B.

    The message the excerpt and the statement is passing across is that the Pengelly children thought that they have got rid of Lob and they were happy about that, but they were not aware that Lob has made up her mind to stay with them, she has no intention of going away.
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