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25 January, 09:23

What does the symbol of the divided snake most likelyrepresent?

the American colonies' cooperation with one another

the weakness of American colonies when they operate separately

the need of American colonies to rid themselves of predators

Benjamin Franklin's personal opinion of snakes and other predators

Answers (2)
  1. 25 January, 10:03
    the American colonies' cooperation with one another
  2. 25 January, 10:44
    Answer: The answer is "the American colonies' cooperation with one another."


    Back in 1754, Benkamin Franklin published a cartoon in the most read newspaper, in which a snake appeared cut into 8 pieces, each of them representing some of the colonies or regions. The motto was: Join or Die. He published this cartoon with one objective. He wanted to unite the colonies and Britain against the French and their Native American Allies. There was an imminent war approaching. The British and the French were fighting for the land west of the Appalachian Mountain. According to Franklin's view, the logical thing to do was to join forces and seek Britain's protection, or else, they would die in battle.
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