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24 January, 03:15

Short story on i stealthily left home in the middle of the night to join my friends at the party when i return later the door were all locked and i dare not wake my parents

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  1. 24 January, 05:11
    It was the night of the most important party of the school year, so yeah, I slipped out the front door in my coolest looking dress. I joined my friends and we had a great time. From the boozed punch, to the amazing atmosphere all I could do was dance. We must have partied till at least midnight. Afterward my friends drove me home and I grabbed the doorknob only to find out that I had locked the door behind me. If I woke my parents I was so screwed! Sighing I walked around to the back door and jiggled the doorknob, also locked. I searched around the house for a unlocked window and pried it open. I carefully crawled through, only to see that the lights were on and my parents were standing in the living room, scowling. "I can explain." Was all I was able to get out before they started yelling at me.
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