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16 April, 21:22

leila stared at the driver of the shiny red convertible stopped in the middle of the intersection, incredulous that he would stop traffic just to yell at another driver behind him. What does the use of incredulous connote? That leila is envious of the driver for having a convertible that leila is angry at the driver for stopping in the intersection that leila thinks she might know the driver of the convertible that leila is shocked at what the driver of the convertible did

Answers (2)
  1. 16 April, 21:30
    The correct answer is option four.

    The word incredulous means unwilling or unable to believe something or someone's manner. Synonyms of incredulous are doubtful, hesitant and skeptical.

    In this passage, Leila cannot understand or accept as true how a driver would interrupt the traffic only to give a loud, sharp cry to another driver who was in a position further back.
  2. 16 April, 22:34
    Answer: (D) That Leila is shocked at what the driver of the convertible did


    You may be wondering how I knew this ... I didn't ... I guessed on my quiz and it was correct. You're welcome.
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