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How is Arthur Brook related to William Shakespeare

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  1. 15 August, 13:06
    He was and English Poet & author of the Tragicall History Of Romeus & Juliet In 1562, The poem which Shakespeare Based Romeo & Juliet
  2. 15 August, 13:28
    Brooke was admitted to the Inner Temple, at the request of Gorboduc' s authors, Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville. He may have written the masque that accompanied the play.

    On 19 March 1563, Brooke died in the shipwreck that killed Sir Thomas Finch, bound for Le Havre, besieged in the French Wars of Religion. In 1567 George Turbervillepublished a collection of poetry entitled, Epitaphs, Epigrams, Songs and Sonnets; it included An Epitaph on the Death of Master Arthur Brooke Drownde in Passing to New Haven
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