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2 July, 00:21

What is an synonym and antonym for antic

Answers (2)
  1. 2 July, 00:43
    Synonyms - funny, comedic, comic, comical, droll, farcical, hilarious, humorous, hysterical (also hysteric), killing, laughable, ludicrous, ridiculous, riotous, risible, screaming, sidesplitting, uproarious

    Antonyms - humorless, lame, unfunny,
  2. 2 July, 00:45
    Joke, shenanigan, trick, caper, dido, frolic, lark, romp, tomfoolery are all synonyms for Antic.

    Humorless, lame, unamusing, uncomic, unfunny, unhumorous, and unhysterical are all antonyms for Antic.
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