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24 September, 17:07

Water expands when it is frozen.

Fact or Opinion

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  1. 24 September, 17:15
    This statement is a fact. I know from personal experience. I observed when a gallon water jug was placed outside on a night reaching below freezing temperatures. The next morning after my dad went outside to grab the water jug, he found that there was a bulge on the side of the jug. This goes to show that when frozen, water expands, explaining as to why there was a bulge on the side of the gallon and all the water inside the jug had frozen and turned to ice.
  2. 24 September, 17:16
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    > Fact

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    This * Statement * is a fact. A fact differs from an opinion because it doesn't use the words "I" or "Me." Opinions are personal thoughts from the mind. Facts are ... reality that we know to be true.

    Fact Eg:

    "The sky is blue"

    Opinion Eg:

    "I think the sky should be pink"

    How they differ:

    The fact is, the sky is blue. We know that to be true, and that will never change. The opinion is that the person thinks the sky should be pink. Just because they "think" it should be pink, doesn't mean it will be. That is an opinion.

    Opinion: What I want to be true

    Fact: What is true and what will always be true.

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