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21 February, 04:26

How does the characterization of good mother east river comtribute to the tone of paragraph 45

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  1. 21 February, 05:50
    It characterizes Liz's death as an escape from a life of pain and sorrow.


    "The Guilty Party" is a short story written by O'Henry. The story is about a girl named Lizzie, who is ignored and unloved not only by her father in childhood, but also but her fiance in adulthood.

    In paragraph 45, the characterization of the East River as a good mother reflects the fact that Lizzie accepted death as an escape from the life full of pain and sorrow. In paragrapgh 45, after Lizzie killed Kid killed herself by drowning in the East River.

    The characterization of the East River also symbolizes that now Lizzie is soothed from the pain of being unloved. She now rests in the bosom of good mother East River, who soothed her muddily.
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