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17 April, 07:22

Are there any good mnemonic devices for remembering functional groups?

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  1. 17 April, 09:12
    Mnemonics for Functional Groups

    These are possible mnemonics for the common functional groups.

    Vowels: The vowels "A", "E", and "Y" for Alkane, Alkene, and Alkyne. Remember there is no "I." "O" and "U" would result in awkward pronunciations.

    Alcohol: Look for the "C-O-H" in "Alcohol."

    Ether: Ethers were anesthetics used in the 1800s. Dr. Kellogg also lived at the same time. Corn Flakes are made by Kellogg's. A rooster or wingspan (C-O-C) is the cornflake mascot.

    Amine: Remember the "N" stands for nitrogen.

    Aldehyde: This sounds like "Adelaide," the Australian city. Australia is at the end of the Asian islands, and aldehydes are at the end of the hydrocarbon chain. The "Y" indicates a C=O double bond.

    Ketone: Imagine the diagonal strokes of "K" forming the C=O double bond.

    Carboxylic Acid: "Box" stands for boxed wine or C-O-H, alcohol. The "Y" indicates a C=O double bond.

    Ester: This sounds like "Estelle" George Costanza's mother in the TV show Seinfeld. George's nickname was Koko or Coco. So think of O=C-O-C.

    Amide: Amine with a "D". D for double.
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