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15 September, 13:47

Which piece of evidence from the biography best

supports Selena's analysis?

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  1. 15 September, 13:59
    The piece that best supports Selena's analysis is "For a while, he stands on a narrow ledge at the end of a fuel tanker. It is just inches above the wheels. He cannot let himself fall asleep; one good shake of the train, and he would tumble off."


    The analysis of the writer of Enrique's Journey shows why it is dangerous for migrants to sleep during their trip north. She states that if an immigrant falls asleep during the trip, she could die crushed by the train if it were to shake.
  2. 15 September, 14:16
    The answer is the paragraph beginning ... The MS control the tops ... " tops of freight trains ... " ... they rob migrants riding the trains ... " In order to cross the country in search for her mother, Enrique has to go up against the most dangerous sitiations. Not only has he to cope with gangsters, but also confront thieves and officers willing to hunt migrants. Nevertheless, after the abandonment that could have caused his addiction, Enrique decides that no action is dangerous enough to keep him away from his mother any longer.
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