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23 August, 19:56

What does it mean that the stone-cutter has objects inscribed with "Sacred to the Memory of"? He makes and sells furniture. He carves tombstones. He attends the local church. He is a generous man.

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  1. 23 August, 21:23
    He carves tombstones.


    Any inscriptions like "Sacred to the Memory of" will only refer to any form of memory or epithet that suggests a death. And so when a stone-cutter has inscriptions on objects, with the lines "sacred to the memory of", first thing we get to know is that he carves tombstones. This writing of inscriptions on objects does not have anything related to making or selling of furniture, nor does it shows / means he attend the local church or he is a generous man. Only these inscriptions are used in cases of deaths or anything related to it, and these inscriptions are most popularly seen in tombstones and graves. Thus, the suggestion that the stone-cutter carves tombstones best gives the reason for the inscriptions.
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