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3 February, 00:49

Read the passage from Sugar Changed the World. The sugar that piled up on the docks near the plantations was something new in the world: pure sweetness, pure pleasure, so cheap that common people could afford it. Scientists have shown that people all over the world must learn to like salty tastes, sour tastes, mixed tastes. But from the moment we are born, we crave sweetness. Cane sugar was the first product in human history that perfectly satisfied that desire. And the bitter lives of the enslaved Africans produced so much sugar that pure sweetness began to spread around the world. How do the authors support their claim and purpose with their choice of words? by using words with only positive connotations by using words that criticize sugar by repeating the words pure, sweetness, and tastes by repeating the words cheap and bitter

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  1. 3 February, 01:09
    by repeating the words pure, sweetness, and tastes


    In buttressing and emphasizing the significant impact of Sugar in the world, the authors used the words pure, sweetness, and tastes repeatedly in their narration in the passage highlighted above. The repetition of these words shows the essence of "sugar" that the authors tend to project in a good light. The authors were able to support their claim and purpose using those words repeatedly in the passage.
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