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9 June, 08:36

Read the excerpt from Enrique's Journey. He was five years old when his mother left him. Now he is almost another person. Read the excerpt from "Children of the Drug Wars." Children from Central America have been making that journey, often without their parents, for two decades. What do the excerpts have in common?

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  1. 9 June, 09:17
    Answer: Both indicate the tragic problems and their consequences that children in Central America must face.

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  2. 9 June, 09:18
    Child abandonment in Central America.


    In the excerpt from Enrique's journey, it can be seen that Enrique was left by his mother at just five years. This is child abandonment.

    The second excerpt speaks clearly that children from Central America have been making the journey often without their parents. Another case of child abandonment. The common theme here is children without their parents. This is what both excerpts have in common.
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