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1 April, 19:33

How do Ralph and Piggy view Simon‟ s death? How does each of them react to it? Why does Ralph laugh as he says, "I got the conch," and why does Piggy react so strongly to his laughter? What explanations do they have for their behavior, and what excuses do they come up with? What do these reactions show about them and about human nature?

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  1. 1 April, 21:01
    Lord of the Flies is a first novel by British author William Golding, a Nobel Prize Winner, written in 1954.

    The book is about a group of British Boys who gets grounded on an uninhabited island and the failing attempts they try to make to escape.

    Ralph is guilt-stricken with the death of Simon where Piggy comforts Ralph saying that they have done nothing wrong it was just an accident. He tries to shift the blame saying that it was because of "that bloody dance", or that "He deserved it ... "

    The author has portrayed Piggy as the most intelligent boy on the island. He values civilization. The conch represents civilization, order, and structure which he values. He is very protective of the conch, so when Ralph laughs at the conch Piggy reacts strongly because he fears that Ralph has lost all hope of making a civilization on the uninhabited island.
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