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23 August, 22:01

Read the passage. The woman in the last apartment down the hall was somewhat of a misanthrope, according to most people in Keira's building. She almost never came out of her apartment, but when she did, she answered hellos with a glare, as if she were being insulted. Keira was sure that she could find a way to get to know the woman, if only she could figure out how to invite herself into the woman's apartment to chat. Based on inferences, what is the most likely meaning of misanthrope?

a person who likes to socialize with other people

a person who travels all over the world

a person who hates or mistrusts other people

a person who prefers to live in small places

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  1. 23 August, 23:22
    The answer is C. The definition of misanthrope is someone who dislikes other people. Its cleat the woman does not like being around people. She responds to a nicety is an angry glare.
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