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16 April, 20:53

For this discussion, respond to the following scenario:

You are approached by a colleague who asks you to divulge confidential information that you have access to. Your colleague hints they plan to use the information for personal purposes.

How would you handle this situation with your colleague and still adhere to your organization's confidentiality policy, as stated above? What are your options for a resolution?

What are the potential implications for how you decide to handle this situation? Identify any moral concerns or moral issues with your colleague's request. What would you decide to do? Justify your decision.

Answers (1)
  1. 16 April, 20:58
    At first, I would tell him how I feel about the situation. I think that is not good for my job to be doing that and also we can be both in a difficult situation. At the other side, it is not fair for him to ask me that sort of question because I can loose my job.

    I would decide to reject his request by telling him that I would not feel good about it and I would explain to him what are the consequences of sharing those confidential information. My rejection of his request will also tell me if he is really my colleague because if he is worth and good one, my rejection will not be a problem for him.
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