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2 November, 01:33

Construct five examples of simple sentences.

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  1. 2 November, 01:49
    A simple sentence (called an independent clause), includes a verb and noun.

    Example: The boy fell (verb: fell, noun: boy)

    Example: In the tub, the boy fell on his bottom. (verb: fell, noun: boy)

    Example: The dog barked.

    Example The dog barked at the cat last night.

    Example: This question is odd.

    Compound sentences include two independent clauses but doesn't require a dependent clause, and the independent clauses are connected using a conjunction (but), or punctuation like a semi colon (; ) or comma (,).

    Example: My friend invited me to the game but my parents didn't let me go. (2 clauses: invited to a game, parents didn't let him go. Conjunction: "but")

    Example: I have to stay up all night to finish this, my meeting is first thing in the morning. (2 clauses: stay up all night, meeting in the morning. Punctuation is a comma).
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