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When joe comes to visit pip, both men feel

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    Joe comes to visit pip:

    Joe Gargery is, obviously, Pip's brother by marriage since he is hitched to Pip's sister. He is additionally, formally, Pip's lord since Pip is apprenticed to him. On an informal level, their relationship isn't generally an ace understudy relationship or a more seasoned relative-younder relative one. Pip is pompous, deigning, and cold toward Joe. Joe isn't dealt with compassionate by Pip and doesn't remain long.

    Prior to leaving, he reveals to Pip that he won't come back to London to visit Pip, however requests that Pip go to the manufacture to visit Joe and Biddy where they are most at home and generally agreeable. Joe spruces up in his Sunday best to go with Pip to see Miss Havisham, the rich yet isolated lady he has been visiting. Joe is attempting to look pleasant, however Pip feels that "he glanced obviously better in his working dress" since he is so awkward spruced up "like some phenomenal flying creature".
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