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6 May, 12:41

Diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel

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  1. 6 May, 12:48
    It is the Story written By Jeff Kinney for young adults (middle schoolers) and it is about Greg trying to find his date for the Valentine dance (ball). He brings Abigail, one of his crushes, and brigns Rowley with him. Apparently, Rowley had chicken pox, and it spread to him. Rowley and Abigail connected, leaving Greg to be the "third wheel". greg got a serious case of chicken pox afterwards.
  2. 6 May, 13:02
    Story by Jeff Kinney.

    Greg's school opens Valentine's Dance, and Greg is a single.

    Finally, Greg meets Abigail, but turns out, Abigail was in love with Rowley!

    So, Greg kicks by Abigail.

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