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6 November, 05:22

Ms. Rojas assigned the project in class a month before it was due. It was an alphabet booklet that showed different examples of math with 26 required pages, and it seemed easy enough at the time. Rachel's best friend, Ayanna, immediately began working on it and completed one page a night. Rachel thought it was silly that Ayanna had already started working on it because the due date was weeks away. As the due date loomed closer, Ayanna tried to bring up the project, but Rachel was very rude about it. Rachel finally began the project two days before it was due but quickly became overwhelmed with all the work she had to do. The next day Rachel stayed up until early in the morning finishing the project even though she skipped many of the required parts. When the projects were returned, Ayanna received an A while Rachel was unwilling to show her grade to anyone.

What is the theme?

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  1. 6 November, 06:09
    Maybe you should start doing stuff a little early so you could be prepared when the time comes.
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