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21 December, 21:10

Identify the words that MOST need to be changed to conventional language: Sodas are losing popularity fast among health nuts, who, after a workout at the gym, refresh themselves with nutritious fruit juices. A) health nuts B) losing popularity C) workout at the gym D) refresh themselves

Answers (2)
  1. 21 December, 21:28
    A) health nuts is the correct option. "Health nuts" are informal words used to referto people, in this case, extremely interested in working out.
  2. 21 December, 22:35
    A) health nuts


    Conventional language refers to a type of language that people employ in everyday life to communicate with the vast majority of people. This is generally understood by everyone and considered standard. In this example, the phrase "health nuts" refers to people who are very conscious of their health. However, this is not conventional language, and should be changed to something more common and neutral.
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