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15 December, 15:27

Prompt B. Early in the twentieth century, British citizens were thrust into a tragic world war. This war, however, served as an inspiration for great British poetry.

Write an essay in which you discuss the attitudes of different British poets to the perils of war.

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  1. 15 December, 16:54
    Siegfried Sassoon vs Rupert Brooke


    Siegfried was a model soldier who turned into a passionate pacifist. Starting off with an exemplary military record for brave he soon became disillusioned with the war and developed a growing antagonism towards Britain's military commanders. His poem The General makes it clear.

    Rupert Brooke was a sort of poster-boy for the British idealism of the first war years. Unlike other poets he never lived to experience the horrors of the front line. Therefore he maintained a patriotic and romantic view of the Great War that started without a reason and continued 4 long years without even less reason.
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