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3 February, 17:38

Explain why gogol doesn't identify as an abcd american born confused deshi. remember that "deshi" is a term used to refer to someone from india

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  1. 3 February, 18:42
    Gogol didn't grow up in India. He does not feel at home in India and doesn't feel as if he belongs there.
  2. 3 February, 19:37
    "The Namesake" is a tale written by Jhumpa Lahiri in 2003. It tells the story of Gogol. The son of an Indian couple who came to the states before he was born. The story starts worth narrating the struggles his parents encountered when arriving in the States. As the cultural differences where great.

    When Gogol grows up disliking his name and eventually changes it. Even though his father expressed his reluctance to let him do so. The emotional and physical distance between Gogol and his parents grows as he decides to study at Yale rather than going to MIT, where his father studied. He does not understand Indian traditions and therefore he does not identify himself as a "Deshi".
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