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17 July, 15:35

Match each sentence with the correct sentence type.

1. After they finished studying they went to the store, Simple, Compound, Complex.

2. The voyage was difficult but it was worth it, Simple, Compound, Complex.

3. Most of the immigrants were poor, Simple, Compound, Complex.

Answers (1)
  1. 17 July, 16:35
    Number 1 is complex, Number 2 is compound, Number 3 is simple.


    Number 1 is complex because it has both a dependent clause (After they finished studying) and an independent clause (they went to the store). The subordinating conjunction in this case is "after".

    Number 2 is compound because it has two simple sentences (The voyage was difficult & it was worth it) joined by the conjunction "but".

    Number 3 is a simple sentence with no conjunctions.
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