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16 December, 19:20

with Raghu in pursuit of the other kids, the innocent game of hide and seek in Anita Desai's "Games at Twlight" almost resembles a hunt. which THREE parts of this excerpt make the game sound like a hunt?

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  1. 16 December, 20:15
    It's how Manu's feelings are being described in that moment. A normal game of hide-and-seek is fun and makes you happy. Manu is crying and weeping. Also when Rhagu catches up with him the way his satisfaction is described "icking the beads of perspiration off his upper lip, and then stalked off in search of worthier prey". That is not a normal response to an everyday game. They also describe the people who are hiding as "prey". Even Ravi is terrified. He feels "exposed" almost like an animal and he is described as looking around frightened.
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