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2 April, 02:06

After he finds out that Travis had to shoot Old Yeller, what does Mr. Coates tell Travis to try to make him feel better?


He tells Travis that he wants him to act like a man.


He tells Travis not to waste the good parts of life worrying about the bad parts.


He tells Travis he needs to feed Jumper and the horses.


He tells Travis that the new horse is a dandy.

Answers (2)
  1. 2 April, 02:44
    D because to make him feel better about what happend he would have to make him feel like it was okay so there far the anwser would be D
  2. 2 April, 03:18
    The answer would be D. If you were trying to cheer someone up after they had to kill their favorite dog you would change the subject and compliment something that the person has. A. and B. would be showing that he doesn't care and he should forget about it. C. gives an attitude that shows that life goes on and you shouldn't stay put on one part of your life. But none of those are the kind of the things that would cheer people up. D. is your best answer.
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