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27 January, 21:15

Regarding the formula AI2 O3 which of the following is accurate

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  1. 27 January, 22:58
    D. The subscript 2 indicates that two atoms of aluminum are present in the substance.


    Actually, the formula of alumina is Al₂O₃

    The subscript 2 tells us that there are 2 Al (Aluminum) atoms, and the subscript 3 says that there are 3 oxygen atoms, so D is the accurate statement.

    Choice A is wrong as 3 is not the coefficient, and it is a subscript.

    Choice B is wrong since the subscript 2 meant for the aluminium atoms, and not the oxygen atoms.

    Finally, choice C is also wrong since the symbol Al refers to the metal aluminium, and not the oxygen.
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