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20 February, 12:59

Is binge watching a harmless pleasure or a harmful addiction?

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  1. 20 February, 13:26
    It depends.


    Usually, binge watching would not be considered to be harmful. However, to put such an activity in perspective, you should consider how it affects your daily life. An addiction to something would cause physical, mental, and/or emotional pain during separation and disturbs normal, daily life. Is binge watching causing that type of pain and interruption to your daily life? You have to decide for yourself how far and how seriously you view binge watching, and decide from there.
  2. 20 February, 13:52
    It could be both, if you worked hard all week or sum treat yourself to a lil binge watching. If you didn't do anything but sit down and play games or watch shows all week then yeah it's harmful so really it just depends on what you did before
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