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30 August, 22:16

1) Which of the following underlined words is a participle?

A. Singing in the choir is my favorite thing to do.

B. My computer is making a strange buzzing sound.

C. Claire is going to the game later tonight.

D. I don't much like having to do homework on weekends.


What is a "verbal" in grammar?

A. a verb form that functions as a different part of speech

B. an adjective that function as verbs

C. a phrase that ends with an - ing word

D. the direct object of a sentence


Which of the following underlined phrases is an infinitive?

A. Jose went to the mall after school yesterday.

B. As soon as my dog goes outside he runs to his ball.

C. Shane said his favorite thing to read is mysteries.

D. Lori laughed when she fell to the floor.

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  1. 30 August, 23:36
    I think number 2 answer is A
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