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25 January, 02:40

Which answer choice is NOT an example of a way you can actively show maturity, sensitivity and respect to the person you are interviewing?

A verifying the correct spelling of the person's name

B arriving on time with all the tools you need

C compiling your notes into an appropriate format

D practicing active listening and maintaining eye contact

Answers (2)
  1. 25 January, 03:24
    I think it's a because you if they say their name, you shouldn't try to figure out how to spell it bc they think you weren't listening to them and you need them to repeat it or something.
  2. 25 January, 03:34
    Answer: The right answer is the A) Verifying the correct spelling of the person's name.

    Explanation: Just to elaborate a little on the answer, it can be added that when you are interviewing a person it is important to arrive on time and be prepared, and that includes knowing the name of the person you are interviewing and how to spell it. Writing down the notes in an appropriate and well-organized format also shows that you are actively listening to the interviewee and that you want to record what he or she is saying accurately. Finally, maintaining eye contact and listening actively also indicates that you are a mature and professional interviewer.
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