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10 December, 12:29

Which BEST summarizes the paragraph?

A) Not all jellyfish sting people; in fact, some jellyfish

don't sting.

B) When many people think of jellyfish, they think that jellyfish are dangerous

creatures indeed.

C) Many people wish to have the opportunity to observe a lot of sea creatures,

especially jellyfish.

D) Although the sting of most jellyfish is painful to humans, the jellyfish that

live on the island of Palau have an extremely weak sting.

Answers (2)
  1. 10 December, 13:58
    Answer: C

    Explanation: It makes more sense than the other answer choice. Think of it as a happy ending in a fairy tale. The ending is usually something positive. And this is positive
  2. 10 December, 14:24
    The answer is D


    All of the other sentences mention details from the passage, but only this answer choice captures both details and the main idea.
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