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19 April, 05:14

Compare and contrast two samples of air in terms of the sample composition, temperature profile, and function:

Sample A, taken 2 km from the surface of the earth, and sample B, taken at 32 km.

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  1. 19 April, 06:52
    As explained below.


    As by volume the air consists of the 78.09% of the nitrogen and 30.95% of the oxygen and has 0.93 % of the argon and also consists of the variable amounts of the water vapor and has an average variation the sea level of about 1% and has about 0.4% over the entire earth atmosphere and as we air at the ground consists of more friction and high temperatures. The air at the height of about the stratosphere is cooler and has less atmospheric pressure of about the 1/1000 and presence of the Ozone layer and the presence of the UV rays and this layer stops the turbulence and the mixing of the gases and top of the stratosphere may be bit warmer and maybe about 0 degrees. Has a very stable atmospheric profile.
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