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18 April, 07:40

Read the first 10 paragraphs (about half) of the article titled "The Arizona-Sonora Border." How has the Arizona-Sonoran region developed a separate identity that is neither American nor Mexican? (Site 1

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  1. 18 April, 08:59
    A result of the Gadsden Putchase of 1853, the Arizona-Sonora region has developed a unique culture in its region. The area is home to characteristics that are neither purely American, nor purely Mexican. Both sides retain the culture of both the home and opposing country.

    The border attracts business from both sides with people crossing back and forth for food, goods, and services even though the border is also intended to keep illegal immigrants (and drugs) out of the US, and keep foreign untaxed manufactured goods (especially cars) out of Mexico.

    Many types of people call this area on both sides of the border home and they do not all identify as either Mexican or American. Some of the people native to the area identify as Indigenous to North America and bring their own staples to the culture of the Arizona-Sonora area.
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