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4 April, 22:07

Continued movement of the continental crust on the west side of the San Andreas fault could result in which of the following features?

a. new oceanic crust

b. a coastal mountain range

c. an island

d. an oceanic island arc

Answers (1)
  1. 4 April, 22:25
    Option (C)


    San Andreas is a prominent example of a transform fault, in which the plates namely the Pacific Plate and the North American plate slide past each other. The movement of the associated plates in this fault is in the right lateral, strike-slip. With the continuous and rapid movement of both the plates in its respective direction, the west side of the fault would get detached from the fault zone and lead to the formation of an island. The movement of the plates along this fault is responsible for the occurrence of shallow focus tremendous earthquakes.

    Thus, the correct answer is option (C).
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