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22 April, 06:20

at convergent plate boundaries new oceanic crust is created magnetic stripes are generated in oceanic rocks the plate of higher density subducts into the mantle the plate of lower density subducts into the mantle

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  1. 22 April, 06:47
    Option (3)


    At a convergent plate boundary, two plates move towards each other. This type of plate boundary leads to the creation of a subduction zone where the denser tectonic plate subducts below the less dense one. This zone is often marked by the presence of a narrow V-shaped depression which is commonly known as a deep oceanic trench.

    As the heavier plate subducts into the mantle, the rocks undergo partial melting, and the melt mixes with the magma. This magma then rises upwards towards the surface of the over-riding plate, forming volcanoes.

    Thus, the correct answer is option (3).
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