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8 November, 02:13

1. How large is this total energy surplus received in a year for the Earth? Compare this number with dependable online resources for the latest world energy consumption statistics! (2pts)

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  1. 8 November, 03:38
    About the total 100 units about 35 are reflected by the earth albedo and rest reach the earth in form of short wave IR radiation.


    Looking at the heat budget f the planet it can be said that the earth receives only 100 units at the external surface and from which 35 units by space are given back that includes 27 from clouds and 2 by the snow and ice caps and 6 by other parts of the atmosphere. The remaining 65 % is absorbed and the again 14 units are used by within the atmosphere and the 51 are by the ground surfaces. of which the 17 are directly radiated back to space, again 48 units absorbed in the air and the other 65 units are balanced by the absorption by the sun to maintain a zero net gain of energy by the Earth. Thus this energy does not equally distribute to the ground surface and most of the equatorial areas have a surplus and polar areas have to defect so the earth forms the 40 degrees north and south latitudes try to balance this temptress by the release of pressure cells that maintain the heat in the budget.
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