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21 October, 22:43

Which river ran through the mississippian, adena, and hopewell culture areas?

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  1. 21 October, 22:53
    The correct answer is - Ohio River.

    The Mississippian culture, Adena culture, and Hopewell culture, were all native American cultures. They were set about big rivers which allowed them the conditions for prosper and development. The Mississippian culture and the Hopewell culture had pretty much the same territory, and they were mostly based around the Mississippi River but had territories along the shores of other rivers as well, but the Adena culture did not had an area with the Mississippi River, instead the Adena culture was based around the Ohio River. The Ohio River is actually the river that connects all three cultures because they all occupied territories around this river, while the Adena culture was totally based around it, the other two were only partially based around the Ohio River.
  2. 21 October, 23:35
    "ohio river"


    The river had high importance in the past of the Native Americans, as various cultures formed beside its valley. For thousands of years, Native Americans managed the river as a primary transportation and interacting route. It's streams united societies. In the five hundred ere European conquering, the Mississippian culture produced various regional chiefdoms and significant earthwork heaps in the Ohio Valley, such as Angel Mounds near Evansville, Indiana, as precise as in the Mississippi Valley and the Southeast. The Osage, Omaha, Ponca and Kaw existed in the Ohio Valley, but below stress from the Iroquois to that northeast, moved west of the Mississippi River to Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma in particular 17th centenary.
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