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10 October, 10:07

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Which of the following pull factors is most likely to encourage voluntary migration?

Question 1 options:

Cultural affliction

Economic opportunity

Political freedom

Health and environment

Answers (2)
  1. 10 October, 10:45
    I think the answer is economic opportunity
  2. 10 October, 11:52
    Economic opportunity


    Pull factor can, to any extent, dictate where migrants will land. Due to positive factors for some countries, they attract more immigrants as compared to others. For instance, economic opportunity is an incentive that has the most significant push and pulls elements for potential immigrants. People tend to move to a more developed country because the same work they used to do at home countries is highly rewarded in a foreign land.

    Besides, they are a more secure benefit is they guaranteed net safety benefits if they will not be able to work. This is the reason why economic opportunities draw immigrants to developed countries.
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