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1 August, 09:54

Jet streams are fast-moving streams of air high above Earth's surface. A divergence or convergence in the jet stream above a high - or low-pressure center can drive the actions of these pressure centers. If the air in the jet stream is converging or diverging faster than the air at the surface is moving out or in, the driving force of the jet stream is compensated by an increase in surface winds.

A jet stream generally diverges above a low-pressure (warm) center. However, at Earth's surface, air converges at a low-pressure center. If the divergence of the jet stream is greater than the convergence of air at the surface low-pressure center below it, what will happen to the surface winds?

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  1. 1 August, 11:07
    The surface wind will most likely get stronger.


    The magnitude of surface wind is dependent on several factors such as the pressure gradient, centrifugal acceleration, primary and secondary winds. The movement of jet streams above the surface of the Earth influences the factors that affect the magnitude of the surface wind. An increase in the jet stream driving forces makes the surface wind more stronger.
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