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22 August, 19:37

Afshan was targeted and nearly killed by the Taliban for supporting education for girls. Conflict within Afghanistan in the past decades has been increasing. Afshan's family fled Afghanistan for Pakistan in hopes of safety and a promising future. Is this centrifugal or centripetal?

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  1. 22 August, 21:10
    The given scenario is Centrifugal.


    Centripetal force means the "force required in order to keep an object moving in a curved direction towards the rotating core," whereas centrifugal force is defined as "an appearing force felt by an object to move on a curved route which acts outside the center of rotation"

    Newton's laws of motion define this obvious external force. The first law of Newton states that "the rest of the body shall be resting and the heart's movement shall continue unless it is carried out by external forces."

    For example, an evaluation of the material motion in a flight airliner can be done on the aircraft, on the earth's layer and even on the Sun.
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