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8 November, 17:02

10. What are metamorphic rocks? What two factors primary metamorphic metamorphism? Regional metamorphism? What environmental generate rocks? What is contact is foliation?

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  1. 8 November, 17:28
    Metamorphic rocks being the third great class of rocks found in environment full of pressure pressure and strain.


    Metamorphic rock is the transformation of the existing rocks through a process of metamorphism i. e change in forms. It is subjected to heat at 200 degrees that causes profound chemical and physical changes. The primary or contact metamorphism is the name given to the process that takes place in the magma when injected the surrounding solid rocks as temperatures are highest at the boundaries. Temperature and pressure are the most primary factors, regional metamorphism also called the dynamic metamorphism is the name given to the changes in the rock types due to the greater depths are subjected to horizontal tectonic pressure thus giving a gneissic type texture where minerals ten to the subject in bands. Foliation is the form when pressure squeezes the flat and elongated rock minerals, which develops into sheets reflecting the direction of pressure.
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