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What two characteristics describes Indian climate

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  1. 22 May, 07:34
    Climate of India is the most unreliable. Most of the times, the summer durations are observed to be dry in the Northern regions. The monsoons are sometimes scheduled at different times in various parts of the country. Rajasthan experiences an extreme temperature difference during every season, during the day and night. The Northern regions experience a high temperature drop during the various day and night times. In the summer season, the center regions of India experience a high temperature, which goes upto 50 degrees centigrade.

    Some of the prominent seasons that can be observed in some of the areas in India can be classified as follows. Autumn and spring can be observed more in the northern or the Himalayan states. These regions mostly experience 5 seasons annually; while the Northern Plains upto the north of River Ganga, has extreme cold climate. Summers in these regions are hot, humid, and extremely harsh. Monsoon is experienced from June to September. Winters are the most suitable climates to be visited in the North India.
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