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31 January, 06:54

Near Aaronsburg, PA, a company wanted to start a limestone quarry, and planned to pump lots of water out of the ground to make things fairly dry near the quarry so it wouldn't fill with water. Concern was raised-would this affect the nearby trout streams? So, a little harmless dye was placed in a sinkhole next to the proposed quarry, and a fire-engine pumper added a lot of water to the sinkhole. How long did it take, or will take, for the dye to reach the trout stream?

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  1. 31 January, 08:51
    It will eventually take, a few hours to days for the dye to reach the trout stream.


    The dye to reach the trout stream showed up in a few hours, and the quarry was not excavated.

    Frequently, Sinkholes connect to underground caves or big cracks directly and quickly as well as to streams, allowing rapid drainage.

    There are rock units that would hold their water for centuries or millennia, but such units have small spaces, not caves and sinkholes. Local sinkholes do drain to trout streams, and Michigan has to make their own water pollution because water pollution from Pennsylvania does not reach them.
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