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29 January, 12:24

Explain the causes and effects of environmental changes from 1900 to the present.

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  1. 29 January, 13:23
    Answer: The environmental changes from the 1900s to today has drastic affects on us as humans. many of our decision has left us thinking why did we do that like the great coral reefs dying that is because we didn't recycle and all of our plastic went into the ocean and is killing all sorts of animals and plants. Plus In the 1900s we did have wildlife problems but now we have just created a monster of problems joining forces and are destroying our planet. In the 1900s people had a problem with building roads but no one listened to the quiet people the government put their foot down and said we are building these concreate killers but when they did it made a bigger problem now we have huge car wrecks and huge trucks more advanced technology that people think will save them but really it is all just to make some cash.
  2. 29 January, 13:53
    That first answer is a very great answer!
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