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30 August, 17:42

How did some Southern states respond to the Brown v. Board decision?

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  1. 30 August, 18:10
    Brown vs. Board of Education was the Supreme Court case that stated that "separate but equal" is unconstitutional. With this in mind, the Supreme Court ordered that all schools must be desegregated.

    Even though the court ordered for integration, many southern schools refused to follow this law. A perfect example of this would be the Little Rock 9. Three years after the Supreme Court case, 9 African-American students were enrolled and attempted to attend Central High School in Arkansas. However, the governor of Arkansas ordered the Arkansas National Guard to not let these students in. The federal government responded by sending in federal troops to escort these students into the school.

    Besides refusing entrance, many southern states implemented a plan of integration that would take up to a decade to achieve.
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