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25 January, 20:26

How did the system of apartheid work? A. It established different schools and living spaces for Muslims and Christians. B. It was a series of laws that regulated the education and job opportunities available to women. C. It was a series of laws that controlled social behaviors among races and established separate facilities, schools, and living spaces for blacks. D. It established segregated facilities for Hutu and Tutsi.

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  1. 25 January, 21:11
    The correct answer is C.

    Apartheid was a policy instituted in South Africa after the 1948 elections. The world economy had greatly changed in the last few years, and especially during World War II when luxury goods became much less valuable than steel and rubber, in Africa these changes led to urbanization, with many people seeking urban jobs, that pressured the minoritary white government of South Africa to legislate more clearly the rights of non-whites, and thus Apartheid was instituted.
  2. 25 January, 22:23
    C is the answer
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