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8 June, 12:03

Which of the following statments describe a problem with the articles of confederation

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  1. 8 June, 12:56
    Here is a list of problems that took place under the Articles of Confederation:

    1) No common currency - Each state had different currency (aka money) making international and interstate trade extremely difficult.

    2) Inability to collect taxes - This resulted in the federal government being unable to pay off their debt from the American Revolution.

    3) Weak federal government - The federal government could not follow states to follow federal laws.

    4) Inability to stop rebellion - The Articles of Confederation made it so that the federal government had so little power that they could not put down rebellions within the US (example = Shay's Rebellion).
  2. 8 June, 13:37
    confederation is something very important that, young ones dont know the answer to
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