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23 April, 17:09

One of the reasons the conduct of the 2000 election in Florida was questioned by observers was because that state's election official

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  1. 23 April, 19:04
    Vote recounting is the procedure which happens during the event when the former counting is too close in favor of a contestant. Voting in Florida is the state which will decide the winning contestant. Florida vote was in acceptance of George W Bush and he emerged to be triumphant in the elections.

    Before the elections, the television networks were broadcasting that the voting numbers were in favor to Al Gore. When the Florida votes were released, the state called for recounting which resulted in favor of G. W. Bush.

    The recounting was closely analyzed and inspected as the supporters of Al Gore requested for recounting and Bush 'supporters worked to stop the recounting. This election debacle resulted in barring of black voters.
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